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Vienna in the dark - Remains of a lost city

You just can’t get enough of Vienna or want to discover something new?

With this Online-Quest we will take you deep into uncharted terrain below Vienna’s surface.

Prepare yourself for an adventurous journey and see Vienna underground, as you have never seen it before. Find your way through a maze, learn more about the myth of the Templar and their final treasure, that is rumoured to be hidden down there!

Curious yet? Then enter the point & click adventure!


Dungeon Unterstadt Untergrund Wien
Dungeon Unterstadt Untergrund Wien
Dungeon Unterstadt Untergrund Wien
Dungeon Unterstadt Untergrund Wien

Did you know:

As inspiration for the drawn rooms we used real footage from actual cellar rooms. This means, that you literally enter the city below the city, Vienna's underground (we only added a few creative details)!



It all begins with the descent into the Vienna below: A web of cellar rooms, 2 or even 3 storeys below the surface. Navigate through this maze, solve the riddles, learn more about this hidden city and…possibly, you might happen to discover the Knights Templar’s hidden treasure!

You are accompanied by your narrator, who will help you out if you get stuck.



Online-Quest (Point & Click)

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Price per group: 20 €

Group size: 2-8 players



Limited sale: 5€

Rätsel Escape Room Rätselrallye
Rätselrallye Schwierigkeit Herausforderung
Rätsel Riddle Schnitzeljagd Rätseltour Stadttour
Rätsel Witcher


Connect with your team via Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams, or any other program and click on the link, that you receive after purchasing the game.

Use a compatible browser and play on your laptop/PC/Mac (Tablets and Smartphones do not work), turn up the volume and enter the Online-Quest!


You can pause or stop anytime without losing your progress

Gebrauchte Bücher

" The descent into Hell is easy"


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