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We, Paul and Thomas, founded PATH - The Urban Quest in 2018. Starting out as a colourful group of very different characters and professions, we became a close-knit team with the desire and goal to create a unique project: To bring the mysticism and culture of Vienna to life in a playful and exciting way.
We offer you a world of experience that you will remember for a long time. The Vienna experience is staged in a completely new light through our playful approach, mysterious paths and fabulous characters and awakens the desire for more.

In addition, a new type of Quest has been created: A kind of Escape Room in the cosy ambience of a pub. We call them Get2Gether-Quests.

And then there are the Qnline-Quests, which make a quest playable on a laptop and in which the distance between friends disappears. Just click and start puzzling!



PATH Team Teamwork


Thomas not only lives out his preference for figures and large tables, but also ensures that our employees are always ready for action and well looked after. He also uses his rudimentary technical knowledge to improve the Internet connection in the office, among other things.
In his spare time, he is mainly looking for sporting challenges and when the football season is just about to break, he prefers to torment himself over mountains or through mud slag. Always referred to as the "Switzerland" of the team, he calmly makes sure that everyone in the team can bear his dark humour.


Team Rätsel Path


Paul is considered the puzzle master of the group. Being a real globetrotter professionally as a pilot, he spends his free time freely living out his inner creative nerd . This can be seen in his more than 60 Escape Room escapes worldwide, as well as in his creative way of sending holiday greetings on postcards - in puzzles and riddles instead of plain words. If there is still time, he loves to analyse movies in order to supply his social environment with useful quotes or terrible puns. He fearlessly finds the solution to every riddle and faces all cerebral challenges. His only kryptonite are the raisins in the cheesecake or Kaiserschmarrn,  which attack him unexpectedly.

And then there are our Quests-leaders, whose reliable work plays a big part in making our Outdoor-Quest to an unique live-experience! Thank you!

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