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Before you start your Quest:

  • You need a laptop or a PC/Mac. Smartphones or tablets do not work.

  • Use one of the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge

    • Safari

  • Deactivate the pop-up blocker for the website.

  • All players of your team have to click on the same link and enter the same code.

  • Choose your name that is visible for the rest of the team.

  • Wait until everyone is online before you start.

  • If a player joins later in the game, he/she starts directly where the rest of the team is currently at - so it's not possible for him/her to start at the beginning.

  • Everyone sees the same: If one player changes the scene by clicking on an item, the scene changes for everyone.If one of you fails the online connection, just try to refresh the browser, you will join the rest of the team easily.

  • You can only play the game once.

  • It's possible to pause or even adjourn the game. Just leave the game/close the browser. When you reenter the code the next time, you will continue where you left off.

  • In case you experience technical difficulties, please check the FAQ.

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