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Augustin`s Journey

1679 in the year of the Lord. The imperial city of Vienna is in the grip of the black plague. This devastating epidemic is spreading without end. Once infected, death is certain. But the funny, well-known joker, bon vivant and drunkard Augustin, our dear Augustin, seems to be immune to the plague. How, why, oh dear Augustin, what is your secret? Even the Emperor wants to know and sends the guards after him. Augustin has invited to a meeting to tell you, and you alone, his miracle against the plague - but he doesn't show up!
You have two hours to find him before the gates of the city separate you from him.



Embark on a search for the funny musician Augustin, solve his puzzles to find his current hiding place and dive into a medieval Vienna off the beaten track.



Walking distance: < 1,2km
Duration: 2 hours
Starting point: Inner city (≠ end)

Price: starting at 25€
Group size: 3-8 persons

Rätsel Escape Room Rätselrallye
Rätselrallye Schwierigkeit Herausforderung
Rätsel Riddle Schnitzeljagd Rätseltour Stadttour
Rätsel Witcher


This Quest is bookable for groups of at least 2 players.
For the best possible experience we recommend a group size of 3-8 players.

Gebrauchte Bücher

"Oh, dear Augustin,
The money's gone,
"The man is dead.
oh, you dear Augustin,
all is' gone!"

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